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Lifespace is opening its job portals for new writers to join our team. We need people with experience in technical writing focused on construction, architecture, design, and modern building. It is not going to be an easy job, but we promise you it will be rewarding.

Application Process

There are three steps to follow in order to complete your application for the writer position here in Lifespace.

Step 1: Resume Submission

We’ll start of course with your resume or CV. Send us your most updated resume via info@lifespace.ie. It will take us no more than 2 business days to assess your professional credentials and decide if you can make it through the next step of the application.

An important reminder: make sure that the contact information in your resume is updated as we will use this information to get in touch with you. Failure to respond after 24 hours will automatically eliminate your application.

So, make sure to stay updated.

Step 2: Online Based Exam

We’ve prepared a writer’s exam for this role. It will be divided into three parts, writing, comprehension, and structure. Each part of the test will determine if you fit the standards we pride ourselves in here at Lifespace.

We are keen on understanding your writing skills as well as your capabilities in conducting thorough research. The exam will take you no more than one day to finish. There will be a set of instructions to bet announced before we start the application process for everyone.

We will also be releasing a couple of reading materials that will serve as your review materials for the writer’s exam.

Step 3: Final Interview

If you managed to pass the exam, then you will move on to the final step, the final interview with our editors and Lifespace founder himself Evan Kirk. The final interview may take place either face-to-face at our office or via Skype.

This will, of course, be determined by the distance between you and our office. We don’t want distance to stop eager and qualified people for getting a shot for the role.

Being part of the team

If you managed to make it through all three steps, then that means you are hired. We will make sure that you get the training you need, and we will be transparent during the onboarding process.

We look forward to hiring at least 7 new writers to be part of the Lifespace online magazine team. We are excited to check out your application and we are even more excited to work alongside you. We wish you good luck.