featuredimage Top Global Construction Companies - Top Global Construction Companies

There are hundreds of construction or building companies in the world. Some are small, some are mid-sized, some are big companies, and there are only a few considered to be the biggest and the best in the world.

If you are in the construction biz, it is important that you know who they are and what makes them the best of the best. If you have no idea which companies we are talking about, then here they are.


PowerChina, based in China, is a legend in the construction industry. PowerChina is not just about residential and commercial construction. They build massive structures for energy, hydropower, thermal power, and infrastructures.

The company has more than 130,000 employees and those numbers are only expected to go up. Their annual revenue is a whopping $45.5 billion. Right now, PowerChina is working on sustainable development projects in several countries.

The company has a number of assets and investments across the globe that are valued by billions.

Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

You really can’t talk about construction and not mention ACS or Actividades de Construcción y Servicios. This Spanish-based company is the head honcho for the biggest construction providers like Hochtif, Turner, and Dragados.

Some of their notable accomplishments are the Alqueva Dam, Torre Caja Madrid, Torre de Cristal, Quellon Hospital, and the LGV Perpignan–Figueres High-Speed railway. ACS has more than 200,000 employees all over the globe.

ACS continues with a number of projects benefiting the environment. The company continues to receive support left, right and centre from both private and public entities or individuals.


With a revenue of over $25 billion, this US-based construction company is shaking up the industry. This company is responsible for more than 25,000 civil engineering and construction projects across the globe.

One project that really took the world by surprise was the $275 billion Driftwood LNG export terminal, Crossrail Elizabeth Line in England. The company is also behind the construction of the Hoover Dam and Channel Tunnel.

Right now, the company is in the middle of building the biggest public transport project in all of Australia. This project is halfway done with some metro trains running in 2019 and in 2024, this massive infrastructure will home 31 new metro stations.

This project brought jobs to the country and hundreds will be open when it starts full operation.

All three of these companies are not only the biggest but also the most innovative providers in the world. They embrace modern technology and maximise their potential by using it.

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