featuredimage The Latest Trends in Construction - The Latest Trends in Construction

Construction in the past is nowhere the same to what the industry has achieved today. We are not just talking about building better, bigger, and taller buildings. It is so much more than that.

Here are some of the biggest trends and developments taking the spotlight in the global construction industry these days.

Technology and Automation

featuredimage The Latest Trends in Construction Technology and Automation - The Latest Trends in Construction

The use of technology in construction is no longer a big deal today. But, the integration of it turning most construction processes into automated methods is truly astounding. These days, there are companies that utilise a client portal or a construction portal.

In it, people can monitor the entire construction progress of their home. They can check everything from the estimation of cost all the way to putting the final touches in the structure.

These portals also allow real-time access meaning you can check progress as it happens. Think of it as watching a live video of your home being built.

Not only that, but this technology also eliminates time-consuming hours for unnecessary variables and factors. For example, if you want to talk to the construction supervisor for updates, you don’t need to talk to him at all.

These portals allow supervisors and other construction personnel to post photos and videos on the dashboard. If you want to look at the progress of the master bedroom and your miles away from the site, no problem.


One of the biggest problems in construction is the capacity of human strength. That is why we use a lot of technology and machinery. Now, there is tech that will help humans, in a way these function as a machine that can carry more load than their body can handle.

Exoskeletons are designed to support the body when it’s in the middle of a strenuous and heavy-lifting activity. For example, when handling a heavy-duty grinder, an average person can lift the tool up for a couple of minutes but of course, he or she needs to rest.

With the Exoskeleton, you can carry a heavy tool like that for a longer period of time and it improves safety as well.  However, there aren’t many tech companies addressing this innovation.

According to them, the exoskeleton might be obsolete against robotics. But, there are still some people who are optimistic about the future of exoskeletons.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

featuredimage The Latest Trends in Construction Augmented and Virtual Reality - The Latest Trends in Construction

Augmented reality and virtual reality have taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Most applications are focused on entertainment and gaming. Now, these technologies are being utilised to improve mankind’s approach to interactive design and gesture interfacing.

AR and VR are expected to address missing elements in the construction industry like the reduction of design coordination errors, 3D modelling, BIM or Building Information Modelling, and more.

With so much going on, keeping up with everything is hard. Remember that in an automated world, it is best you embrace technology rather than stay away from it. To stay updated with these tech developments, subscribe to Lifespace today.