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Lifespace is your number 1 online magazine when it comes to construction, architecture, design, and modern building. We want to educate and inform people about the many disciplines, methods, techniques, and developments in the world of construction.

To get a better idea of what we bring to the table, it is best that you learn about the story of how Lifespace came to be one of Ireland’s top construction and architecture magazines.

Evan Kirk

Back in 2015 Evan Kirk was working as a payroll representative. Day in and day out Kirk worked for hours to make ends meet for him and his small family. In order to make some extra money, he took some construction jobs over weekends.

At a young age, Kirk was taught construction by both his parents. He was a quick learner and he knew how to handle his tools. That is why Kirk really made an impression on his co-workers and clients.

Kirk then decided to share his expertise with the world through a blog. He started making tutorial content with photos and videos of him building stuff. It was a one-stop-shop if you wanted to learn something about construction and basic architecture.

Demands Kept Coming

Kirk was then approached by a couple of construction companies and big-time suppliers. They wanted him to promote their products and services. Kirk declined, instead, he turned his blog into a business, a magazine.

He didn’t accept any offers to advertise and promote. He instead built a brand of his own, Lifespace.

What is Lifespace?

Lifespace is all about construction, architecture, and design services. We also tackle engineering, but we are still in the process of learning.

So, that’s the simple story of how Lifespace came to be. For more information, contact us today.