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WBQA Membership Day

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Event Info

Name WBQA Membership Day
Venue World Barbecue Association
Artist World Barbecue Association
Event Date 10/12/2017 08:00

Event Details

On December 10, 2017 the second WBQA Membership Day will take place in the beautiful location of Boerengoed, Enspijk, The Netherlands.

On this day, Smokey Bandit Pellet BBQ's and Smokers will be present. They will answer all your questions about the use of a Pellet smoker and will also demonstrate the pellet smoker tube to you.

In addition, Jeroen Hazebroek, Author of several BBQ books, will be present to assist us on this day.

We have already received many registrations and it promises to be a lot of fun again. So do not miss it !! You can still register via this link:

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